Wake Up Jams Vol. 1

by Sulaiman

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released August 31, 2011



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Sulaiman Chicago

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Track Name: Persistance
This just some shit I thoughta,
The game can throw a player and his maker outta order
Lambs to the slaughter cause the pressure used to press her
She depressed and now these lesser motherfuckers just exploit her
To her it's all fine, to him it's all good
But innocence is lost I don't think they understood
That they could be the difference...
Just because hoes be on slick shit,
Just because n*ggas want a quick hit,
That don't mean you need to lose your in-tent
To in-vent, leave the world your im-print
Rich n*ggas gotta go and rent cliques,
Partners on a payroll, go when they say so,
And fake hoes goin' but they goin' for the labels
Bills gotta pay those, Lady living stable,
But she don't wanna deal another day wit these a-holes
Socrates to Plato, trynna give knowledge to yo dialogue
The world like to tax, this a tax break, write em off
Flying off into the horizon...
You were born a leader so it shouldn't be surprising
That the sun know its worth and just keeps rising...
And love is a land locked island
Gotta keep striving...
Gotta keep goin', I'm knowin' you showin'
Yo opponent is fear, tell em listen here...
Yeah...and make sure they listen clear,
Mighta kicked yo ass in the past this a different year
Speaking of Persistance.